About Steadfast Technologies of Yakima

Steadfast Technologies of Yakima is a sole propitiatory business that provides technical consulting for small businesses in the Yakima area. My full time job as an IT Director at a local non-profit has provided me with lots of experience in the information technology field.  I bring lots of skills and enjoy providing technical consulting, and support services to Yakima small businesses.  Please contact me through the link below if you would like to discuss services I can offer to your business.

Service Philosophy

I believe most small businesses should be able to manage their computers and information systems on their own.  Small business owners or employees that manage these systems just need some professional IT guidance to point them in the right direction from time to time.  

Contact me

Have Questions....?  Get in touch with me by filling out the contact form.



If it has anything to do with a computer I can probably help you out.   

Tech Tips

I've compiled some tips/resources for general computer maintenance, repair, etc 

Non-Profit Tech Resources

I've worked as a non-profit tech administrator.  I've compiled a list of great resources I've come across.