Non-Profit Tech Resources

If you are a non-profit you qualify for a lot of big software discounts from the majority of popular software vendors.  

Techsoup is gods gift to non-profits for software at an incredible discount.  Examples of software you can obtain from techsoup at a discount:
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Professional - Retail Price=$499 - Techsoup Price=$20
  • Norton Antivirus 2010 - Retail Price=$60 - Techsoup Price=$4
For many many more software deals check out

Google is not only the fastest growing company in history they also offer a lot of services to non-profits for free.
  • Google Checkout - Processes payments online or on your webiste for free with this service.  No credit card fees either!
  • Google Apps for Education - This is must for any non-profit.  Highly recommend you use this service to some extent.  Apps include; company branded gmail, calendar, docs, sites, and more..
  • Google Grants - Free Targeted Advertising for Non-Profits on Search Engine.  Having a website is meaningless if you can't drive traffic to your site or people can't find you on the web.  Over 75% of people use Google for searching the web and your adds will show on there search results. 
Check out Google's non-profit page for more details click here...
Discounted High Speed Internet
CLEAR offeres high speed interent to non-profits that apply for a grant through  Even though Yakima is not listed on the webiste you can select Portland, OR and someone will contact you since Clear has recently expanded serivces to Central Washington.  You pay for a years worth of server and the cost of the modem.  $120 for intenet access for a year and about $80 for a modem.  Each addtional year will be $120 or a little bit more if they decide to increase cost to cover administratorive expenses. 

If you know of other non-profit tech resources out there please fill out my contact form and submit those resource to me and I'll put add them onto the site.