Small Business Tech Consulting
  • I can help you transform your network into something that is easy to use and manage.  
  • Help you implement a business grade email messaging solution that will allow you to collaborate with others easily and effectively.
  • Assistance purchasing a company branded domain for email and a web presence.
  • Assist you with implementing an online backup system to protect data that is vital to your company.
  • And much much more..
Data Loss Prevention
  • All data that is stored on your computer is in constant danger of being lost from a power outage or just a general failure of the computer.  If you are not backing up data stored on your computer you are risking loss of data.  I recommend the use of an online backup software called Mozy Pro.  With Mozy Pro you install the software and select the data you wish to backup and Mozy will then immediately begin backing up your data offsite to Mozy data centers.  Mozy is very affordable solution for backing up data offsite.  If you would like assistance implementing Mozy as your backup solution contact me. For more information about Mozy check out their website.  
Data Recovery
  • If your system crashes it doesn't necessarily mean your data is lost.  In my Tech Tips page I have provided instruction on how to recover data from hard drives of crashed system.  I also provide disaster recovery services using the same tools that are mentioned in the tech tips page.  

Virus Spyware Removal
  • I've become very good at removing viruses and spyware over the years but sometimes it is best to just do a complete restore by using the software CD that came with a system to put it back at the same image as you had when you purchased the computer.  I follow the steps outlined in my tech tips page when I attempt to remove viruses and spyware from computer systems.
Custom Domain Purchasing Assistance
  • Need help obtaining a custom domain for email, website, etc.  I can help you do that.
Google Apps Deployment
  • Google Apps includes business editions of Google popular products; Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Contacts, Group, Video, and others.  Google apps premiere is $50/yr for each user (Free for Schools & Non-Profits).  I strongly believe in using Google as a hosted message solution for small businesses.  Google Apps is easy to use and simple to manage.  I Highly recommend.  If you like to make the move to Google Apps or would to discuss Google Apps with me please fill out my contact form.